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Our Verdict A high-minded effort and decent story undermined by bugs and mindless management mechanics. Need to Know What is it? A management game with FMV storytelling Expect to Pay: 13/10 Developer: Superstring Pubisher: Wales Interactive Reviewed on: GTX 1070, i7-6700HQ, 16GB RAM, SSD Multiplayer: None Link: Official site Headspun casts you as the boss of Cortex, a company headquartered inside the mind of Theo, a man emerging from a five-week coma following a car accident. Theos memories are scattered all over his subconscious, most of Cortexs employees are dead, and its up to you, Cortex CEO Ted, to get his brain back in order. This manifests as a side-scrolling management game in which you rebuild the company, interposed with live-action video of Theos convalescence in hospital. Its a fine premise, even if the fashionably synthy soundtrack, 80s fuchsia-tinted art style, and character design that seems to be inspired by 2D of Gorillaz fame didnt really gel for me. It feels mostly like a flat aesthetic homage to an overused style, although the background art which blends blood vessels, capillaries and other internal brainy bits with the corporate office aesthetic has some nice touches. (Image credit: Superstring/Wales Interactive) Your avatar Ted symbolises the dour and often outright dickish side of Theos psyche. Ted wakes up from his own five-week coma to find Cortex in ruins following the accident, albeit kept in some loose semblance of order by his Cortex business partner Teddy, who represents the creative and romantic side of Theos personality. The game progresses in 24-hour days, with time passing whenever you engage Theo in mini-games. Your interactions with the live-action part of the game are through Cortex Control, the main room in Cortex where a screen (with a totally unnecessary blinking animation) shows you whats happening in Theos hospital room each day. Beyond the neurologist, who sticks to her role of nursing Theo back to health, the only significant character you interact with is Jack, Theos estranged best friend who believes that the two of them have a chance of publishing their own comic series. Its a reasonably engaging story, as you cross-reference the things youre told in the live-action snippets with the information you piece together in Cortexs Memory Bank. Information surfaces about Theos journey from aspiring comic book artist to wanker banker, as well as details that make you doubt the veracity of Jack and Teddys words. Theres a nice escalation of mystery here, even if the big twist ultimately feels predictable and earnest (exacerbated by the rather stagey acting. Image credit: Superstring/Wales Interactive) From Cortex Control, you also assign workers to sidequests, which usually involve rebuilding rooms in Cortex, researching new activities for Theo, or cleaning up various parts of the building. Its simple delegation stuff, made somewhat more complex by the fact that many of these assignments were buggy or outright broken at the time of writing this review. Nevertheless, theres a simple catharsis in seeing the ruined cerebral space slowly come back to life. The live-action snippets are few and far between, meaning that you spend most of the game playing mini-games that build up Neuro-Credits, which you use to hire staff, buy items that grant bonuses to Theos recovery, and rebuild rooms around Cortex. The mini-games—basic arithmetic, crosswords, timing challenges, and other forgettables—are repetitive and mundane, and while this is perhaps a fair reflection of the actual tedium of sitting in a room for weeks or months recovering from brain injury, Headspun just doesnt strike the balance between interactive engagement and verisimilitude.  I also found these minigames far too easy to exploit. I amassed an absurd amount of Neuro-Credits due to plucky investments, and had far more than I knew what to do with by the time Theos story had come to an end.  (Image credit: Superstring/Wales Interactive) The problem with the management aspect of the game is that by the time youve even built half the rooms, youll probably have completed the bite-sized story, and theres really no reason to keep fixing Cortex up other than for the sake of mindless completionism. With no stakes, no multiple endings, no risk of making the wrong decisions or of going broke, and without the story to incentivise you, it really puts into perspective how much of the management side of the game is mere filler. Headspun is a well-meaning attempt at exploring a fascinating topic. Wandering around certain rooms like the Dream Theater and Memory Bank, you see some some vivid imagery, and are faced with interesting questions about the relationship between memories and identity.  But it never delves deeper, restricting you to tedious minigames and superfluous base-building while you wait to see how story pans out. Headspun failed to entrench itself in my memory, and I wouldn't feel differently even if its swarms of bugs were squashed. Headspun A high-minded effort and decent story undermined by bugs and mindless management mechanics.

UPDATED: 02/17/20 0:44:23 +03:00. HEADSPUN IS A RPG/FMV HYBRID SET IN CORTEX; THE WORLD OF THE HUMAN BRAIN Headspun is a 2D narrative adventure set in Cortex; the world of Theo Kavinsky's broken brain. Taking advantage of live-action FMV sequences, the staff of Cortex watch Theo's life unfold from the eyeScreen behind his eyes, making decisions on his behalf and running the day-to-day cognitive operations which define Theo as a person. After Theo is involved in a life-threatening car accident, Cortex quite literally falls apart, and Theo's life takes a dark turn. With Cortex in ruins - the parietal lobe damaged - what made Theo 'Theo' is no longer obvious. Playing as Ted, the rational, human personification of Theo's character, players will begin a journey to rebuild Cortex and put Theo's life back together. What Ted thinks is best for Theo, however, isn't necessarily a view shared by Teddy - the primal, emotional representation of Theo's psyche. Headspun is game that follows the relationship between Ted and Teddy; an ongoing war between logic and emotion. - JOIN THE SUPERSTRING MAILING LIST, GET 10% OFF OUR STORE WELCOME TO CORTEX Become the director of Cortex; the world of the brain. Help Ted and Teddy rebuild and renovate their home, as Theo begins a journey of recovery and discovery after a life threatening accident. A NEW KIND OF FMV GAME While the world of Cortex is brought to life via a mixture of traditional 2D scenes and dialogue interactions, the real world - the world outside of the brain - is viewed through a live-action FMV lens. REBUILD & RENOVATE After the accident, Cortex is in a sorry state. Making decisions and guiding Theo's recovery will yield Grey Matter, which can be used to rebuild, repair and redecorate Cortex, hiring new staff to help along the way. Your choices in the real world will affect the restoration of Cortex, and vice versa.

YouTube. Inside nout Version Reviewed: PS4 (Standard. European The brain is a complex thing; vast, mysterious, and packed full of drones in ties controlling our thoughts. Or, so says Headspun, a disappointing FMV/management hybrid that has you rebuilding the functions of a mans mind following an accident. Its a neat concept, but one marred by glitches, outdated mini-games, and irritatingly immature dialogue. Your main goal is to navigate the Cortex (essentially a personification of the brain as an office, complete with HR department) to get Theo through each day, discovering more about his life pre-coma. This is achieved by collecting ‘neurocredits through mind numbing mini-games. These vary in style but are consistent in their mundanity; a crossword game has you literally doing a crossword, and a dreadfully basic reaction test feels like a relic of sloppy hacking mini-games generations gone by. Despite stimulating Theos brain, Headspuns synaptic point generators dont exactly excite. Hiring staff to rebuild brain functions such as dreams and memories allows at least some level of agency and decision making, though these segments are festered with bugs. Inputs dont select, the screen briefly freezes, and sometimes youre unable to do anything at all, forcing a reset. Combine these problems with a reliance on those dreadfully dull mini-games to generate credits and Theos recovery becomes a chore. Presentation wise, Headspun fares better. The grungy art style is somewhat charming and the FMV segments, while not exactly Citizen Kane, arent bad and succeed in telling a vaguely intriguing story. Regrettably though, characters inside the Cortex are less pleasant, relishing in awkward swears and slurs that taint the compelling theme of the game; the consequence of adult decisions, and what kind of person they turn us into. Ultimately, youll want to pack some paracetamol for this headache. Nat become a PS-Man back in the late 90s after a romp with a certain accident prone bandicoot. He now spends his time practicing as a bard in Skyrim, a far more promising career than anything reality offers. Staff Profile Twitter Reply.

Headspun hack ios apk. Headspun hack tool zip password. Headspun Hacks Free 2019. Headspun generator no survey. X mod Headspun Hack. Release Date August 28, 2019. Memories are funny things, often popping up from nowhere thanks to random stimuli. Recollections buried in the dark recesses of your subconscious are unexpectedly brought to the fore. So when Headspuns brain management gameplay had me recall 80s edutainment TV show Once Upon a Time…Life, I shouldnt be surprised. Well ignore the embarrassment that thats where my mind first gravitated towards for now. For younger audiences, or those that cooler than me, that spent more time watching Thundercats in the 80s, think Pixars Inside Out and you wont be far off from Headspun. Memory recollection is fitting for Headspun, as it forms a key part of the gameplay. You control Ted, a sort of general manager for the brain of Theo. Currently, Theos brain is a mess after a recent accident and its up to Ted to turn things around. He can repair the brain by spending Neuro Currency on various improvements. Generating this cortex wonga is done by Theo performing brain-stimulating activities from his hospital bed. In between this, youre treated to FMV cutscenes to help piece together the memories of what led up to the accident. Large portions of your time are spent in a daily cycle. Youll head over to Cortex Control and wake up Theo for a day of Sudoku or whatever. Then you plan on how best to spend your moolah whilst accumulating tasks, managing a team and their needs. Youll also interact with Teddy, another part of Theos conscious, who is the foil to Teds organised, focused approach. The gameplay is repetitive because you choose between a small list of activities each day. You complete these with simple button inputs but even as more unlock they never really elevate the experience. The button-mashing, basic maths, or QTE button presses sadly become stale very fast. In one sense its genius as it perfectly encapsulates the boredom and repetition of being confined to a hospital bed. But as a medium of entertainment, it does drag after a while. Therefore, you end up longing for those days where youll be treated to specific FMV that progresses the story. Visitors might reveal more about what happened to Theo, or his carer might let some information slip. The acting in the FMV recordings is well done and does a good job of setting the various scenes. And as you would expect, there are FMV conversation trees, resulting in different pre-recorded responses. However, in most instances, your dialogue choices make very little difference. Often all of your speech choices have to be exhausted to progress the plot. All that changes based on your choices is the order of the conversation. Therefore with such little consequence to your decisions, the concept is somewhat undermined. After a hard day of reading and chatting, Theos bedtime approaches. This gives Ted an opportunity to explore Cortex before hitting the hay. And to be fair there are plenty of places to explore, and more can be unlocked by paying for repairs. You can unlock Memory Banks, an R&D department and even a fully-stocked bar. You get a sense of Cortex being truly alive, with workers meandering about, and it growing organically each day. Some new areas will feel more cosmetic than others, and a bit underused. However, others serve key purposes to the plot or unlock new tasks and bonuses for you and your staff so are well worth investigating. At some point, I have to mention the performance of this game. Sadly there are a fair few bugs present and they really hinder your enjoyment due to their number and frequency. This can vary from repetitive dialogue to unskippable text, to unresponsive activities. Also on a few occasions, a button press to speed through text would inadvertently select an FMV response before seeing the options.  Whilst I could usually work out what had been said, it would still have been nice to see my options. The developers are working hard to minimise these errors ahead of launch. However, at present, the amount of them in the game means it is advised to approach this game with caution. And a bit of a thick skin when it comes to these types of niggles wouldnt go amiss either. Combining strategic management aspects and a progressive story through FMV is an interesting idea. The mix of genres helps to differentiate the gameplay and keep things fresh. But neither are executed perfectly meaning fans of either genre will likely be left wanting more. Headspun is at its best when progress in one genre is determined by the other. For example, to progress the FMV plot, you need to have repaired certain areas of Cortex with your earned currency. And its actually a good thing that the game never explicitly tells you this. It makes progress feel more natural and unique to your decisions rather than simply being prescribed to you. The interactions between Ted and Teddy also deserve a special mention. They help answer what happened before the accident as well as being personifications of the heart and the head. Naturally, they have constant disagreements on what is best for Theo. Youll find yourself projecting your own life experiences and opinions through them. For instance, would you align with Ted, and be more serious, focused, prioritising money and your career? Or will you side more with Teddy, clearly Theos free spirit, and pursue more creative, and emotionally rewarding activities? I certainly found myself switching allegiances a couple of times throughout my time with the game. Headspun does as its name suggests then, making you question your life choices through Theos backstory and the run-up to his accident. Headspun then feels like a few really good ideas merged together, that dont quite make the grade. Its mainly let down by its lack of depth and the bugs that mar its execution. Managing Cortex is relatively fun and interesting, with your choices clearly impacting your success. But with it often simply being a case of unlocking tasks and delegating them, it can feel flat and repetitive. The FMV parts are interesting as story beats reveal more about Theos backstory, but the linear conversation trees have little impact, even if the responses are acted well. The niggling bugs then just serve to further frustrate the experience for those who are actively engaged in it despite this. Sadly, Headspun will likely put off more people than it would want, which is a shame considering the potential of its core ideas. Positives Cortex is an interesting place to build and expand Ted and Teddy's interactions are interesting and contemplative Negatives Repetitive gameplay Linear dialogue options Gameplay bugs often frustrate Headspun's mix of management sim and FMV narrative is fairly unique. However, repetition and buggy gameplay mar the game's potential.

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