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17. 19:08 Cecil (Final Fantasy IV. Hey. ranked matches be lit now. Yes everybody should play again.

Matchmaking still sucks and hard if not impossible to find a fair fight

33. 36:26 Exdeath (Final Fantasy V. The guy with the missile launcher isnt in this game, so didnt buy it. Tldr; this game is shit. it went free to play because the game let down its playerbase. NSP tries to make the best of things in the video but early on, he only talks about how nice it is to buy his two mains for 12 bucks total instead of buying the whole game. (i mean, it seems like he returned his original copy for a refund, since it seems like he has played everyone and bought only his two mains. he doesn't really talk about the gameplay except to say that there is more depth because the game is 3v3. but the gameplay and options are far more shallow than before and you have to play with skilled friends to enjoy rather than be able to jump into and enjoy based on your own skill and level. He also says not a goddam word about about the story mode. Which again, is craptacular as a short, bad story that you have to grind your ass off to see, one piece at a time. But maybe you can't even see in in the f2p mode at all. I have the og, full retail version of this game and it's a terrible grind to play so many matches against cpu's to have the best grind to see the best exp gains for your characters and accounts. This game is atrocious and NSP doesn't talk about even a fraction of what is wrong with this game.


Scream with me : SEPHIROTH! ❤️. Ive just recently started playing again and I'm so glad the connection got better. I got it when it came out and it sucked the connection was so laggy it was unplayable. I still don't like that there aren't 1v1 and 2v2's but I'm still having fun I can fjnally play it.

Cloud of Darkness is so hot... I miss u rinoa. Owo plus usage I knew it f.


When Jecht came up with that battle me pumped to do some serious damage. Oh my :3. New to the game and I'm hooked. I'm able to play a try a new (and my first) Dissidia game out now that it's free. I agree with you on the size of the weekly rotation, but I also wish that we had more options in terms of combat and that's coming from a guy who hasn't played or look at any pervious version of Dissidia (in depth anyway. I'm going to stick it out on pc. Hopefully they make some changes. Add me on steam @ NTOJinsain and let's fight, though I do 1v1 practice most of the time to get good at the character I want to learn first. Looking like a Lightning, Kuja, and Ace main.





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