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Can you make me an account with 1Million... Please. Dondt fold. I have a question? i have played gov of poker 2 premium for about a year but last week i open to play and i have lost other player section. i can stat a new player but even that is lost. how do i get my other players section to show up. I love to play poker.


You're insane. Green forever. D. Serbia brat moj <3. Youtube ought to remove all the remove spaming fake web apps. The only web app that worked for me is GameCrook (google it. 22umey use this code for free chips :D. Seu animal. Serbiaaa <3.


Bet sizing is criminally small. Wet flop = at least 3/4 pot sized bet if you are going to bet at all. Yo, for those who wish to get free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc., you can get them from GameCrook (search for it on google. Srbija do tokija. Nostalgia dulu, gue jago bet main ini. 8mlmz Chip Bonus! Just Type in. Ba cum ai ajuns in orasu asta.