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Yay, notificationsquad. Hope you guys are having a great day and thanks for making our days that much better. I Love ur channel❤️❤️.


MX Nitro Trophies Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy: Brave New World (Bronze): Complete the First Tournament. First Gold (Bronze): Take First place in any race. The Road Goes Ever On (Bronze): Get level 3. Bright personality (Bronze): Buy and equip a new customization item. Just the Tip (Bronze): Win a race with a half-wheel lead. Leagues and Legends (Bronze): Win a ranked race. Heroes among us (Bronze): Perform Superman 50 times. Drag on Rage (Bronze): Speed up to 180 km/h on Drag. Damn Hippies (Bronze): Get and equip Enforcer set. I'm a bird (Bronze): Fly 200 meters in one crashflight. Might And Glory (Bronze): Complete 50 challenges. The fastest hand on the wild west (Bronze): Get 5000 Trick Score in one combo. Krisp&Kreme (Bronze): Perform only Fresh tricks in Freestyle and win. Majestic Crank (Bronze): Collect all stars in Online Race. Quest Stalker (Bronze): Collect all Track Quest's marks. Gotta do'em all (Bronze): Perform all 4-button tricks in the game at least once. Additionally, there are five secret trophies: Buddha's Blessing (Unknown): Finish a race with 108 seconds time. Doomed (Unknown): Found his Doom. Mum Told Me To Be Careful (Unknown): Rode to finish without crashing. The last airbender (Unknown): Spent a total of 5 minutes in midair. Thug Life (Unknown): Made a flashy finish.

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Every time I get on STEAM, my computer crashes 😫

So one time I was riding my motorbike and almost went under the wheels oh and BTW I play Xbox one.


Yode So funny nice vid. Can u make more. Slogoman i did a whiele a then i fell down got up back and try it again but i play on ps3.