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Can you make some more lets builds. It literally is a hundred times better than that other Sims Mobile game. Este é a nova atualização. Jess, the green and pink are the characters Moods, The diamond or whatever atop their heads. Is this even a app? 🤧. I've started homelabbing about 3 years ago. Nowadays I consider the Lab stable and I don't have as much time to fiddle with it. I'm focusing on stability, reliability and cross-platform compatibility. Don't know exactly why I'm writing this, but here it goes. Questions are welcome obviously. I was uncomfortable relying on the cloud for storing all my life's photos so I've decided to store them on some secondary storage. First setup: Dell D620 laptop + a couple of external HDDs. I've used plain SAMBA and BTRFS for the first 6 months but after several major issues with BTRFS I've decided to switch. Upgraded setup: Dell Microserver Gen8. 1 x 1TB WD RED. 1 x 4TB WD RED) I can't remember exactly the order and what was in between so I'll skip to Current setup: Dell Microserver Gen8 (Freenas, 2 x 4 TB + 2 x 8 TB) Fractal Design Node 804 (Proxmox hypervisor, supermicro board, Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 + 2 x 256 GB SSD + 16 GB RAM) 2 x Unifi AP-AC-PRO UPS 4U Rack with Unifi Switch 24-250W (switched default coolers with Noctuas) Unifi CloudKey (easier to manage than a VM) ISP equipment Netgate SG-2220 (pfsense) Workstations: rMBP late 2013 (MacOS. primary pc Intel NUC (Qubes OS, Core i3 + 16 GB RAM + M2 SSD) Gaming PC (Windows - Core i5 + 16 GB RAM + GeForce 960GTx + Radeon R5 230 + SSD + HDD) D620 - backup/test pc Looking back, I'd say the most interesting/challenging things I did are: Gaming PC became primary Proxmox hypervisor with GPU Passthrough to a Windows VM for occasional gaming needs and Linux Debain as primary OS on the Radeon card w/ passthroug. FreePBX with SIM cards as to have multiple phone numbers on the same phone (Google talk not an option here) Main Services/Software I currently use in the Lab: Proxmox - when I've started out with the Gen8, I couldn't get ESXI to work properly on it so I've used this. I was very happy with it so I kept using it. Very powerful. FreeNAS - I remember I've tried several solutions, OMV included, but FreeNAS is what I settled on. It had some issues along the way but overall I'm very satisfied with it. It currently replicates offsite to another FreeNAS box I own and performs encrypted backups to BackBlaze B2. pfsense - extremely versatile solution. It's running DHCP, DNS, DNS blocklists (pfblockerng) OpenVPN Client, OpenVPN Server, IPSEC, UPS server. Knows LDAP authentication (for VPN too. Unifi - I've used MikroTik previously but I ran Cat6 in my home and didn't have enough ports on the MT. MT is very good for tinkering but I didn't really feel like tinkering with it so Unifi is better for me cause it's simpler (and because my MT didn't know LACP and I wanted it. NextCloud - I started out with Seafile and it was blazing fast but I was annoyed that I couldn't access my data through SAMBA. I've been using NC for about 2 years and it's a compelling suite. On iOS I still can't rely completely on it for photos backup. I open it up sometimes and it has like 100-200 photos in the upload queue and sometimes it crashes. Currently it syncs with OneDrive through a Windows VM. Deluge server - have been using it for a long time and it works very well. Its traffic is routed through VPN by pFsense. Plex - I travel a lot and I wanted a cross-platform solution for media streaming and transcoding. I wasn't satisfied with Kodi or Emby on mobile. Kodi is the absolute king when it comes to home media but I'm consuming more on the go so sadly I'm not using it anymore. Also I managed to sync Kodi seen status with Plex through Wordpress - diary OneNote - documentation, personal notes StandardNotes - personal notes - planned to selfhost but cloud works very well and it's faster than OneNote Bitwarden - planned to selfhost but cloud works well Calibre Stuff I've tried: Subsonic/Airsonic/Libresonic/Ampache - at one point, I just got tired of all of them and switched to Apple Music. Atlassian Confluence and Jira - time consuming to setup and maintain and very resource intensive. Collabora - not so difficult to setup but I didn't find it usable Scancloud - it's kinda nice. It pulls documents from Nexctcloud, scans them and attaches a txt file. But I wasn't disciplined enough to upload documents to proper folders so I'm not using it atm. Dovecot + Postfix - it worked. Setting up mail isn't that hard but maintaining it is a bitch. It took me more than a week to set it up and ditched it in a day ELK stack - mostly for pFsense reporting but I didn't have enough resources at the time to keep it running and its difficult to setup CouchPotato - very easy to setup but I quality was hit or miss Baikal/DaviCal/radicale/sabredav - all good solutions but NC is easier Mumble server - one dude in my group couldn't get his mic working so we switched to Discord. But audio quality in mumble (and privacy) is a lot better TeamSpeak server - mumble is better xmpp server - I was the only one using it so, no. tiny tiny rss - cool but NextCloud also had a plugin Active Directory - environment too small, so no real use lots of others I can't remember Other Notes: The Intel NUC is a champ. It was my main proxmox machine for over a year and I had 10+ VMs running at one point. Qubes - takes some getting used to it, but it's a very good OS for privacy concious people. I don't use it that much because I'm too used with the Mac. rMBP - great piece of hardware. Not many laptops hold up as well as this one and I had Linux and Windows multi-booting on it. Currently I have a Windows VM in Parallels. I've tried VirtualBox and VmWare Fusion but Parallels is way ahead of them. Couldn't find a good photos management solution and I've tried lots of them (Adobe, Piwigo, DigiKam with mysql db) so I've settled with Mac's Photos.

When you believe your first, but then again, you'll never know. So - after reading this subreddit for months, and gradually employing much of the advice, I think this is my first truly anonymous post on any type of public "forum. In an effort to practice privacy / security through compartmentalization, this post was made from a purpose built linux mint virtual machine (running on a windows host, because gamer) inside virtualbox. I have used firefox with various open source extensions and some basic config changes to minimize tracking / fingerprinting. The browser does not store cookies, and wipes history and temp files on close. Passwords are kept in an offline, encrypted keepassxc db. The linux VM runs all traffic through protonvpn, linked to a new protonmail account which has the sole purpose of servicing this new "tinfoilcharlie" pseudonym. Strangely it did not ask for a mobile number during registration today (it has previously. I have a few burner sim cards purchased with cash should it in future. What I think I have achieved: Neither reddit, nor any of its members should be able to determine what my real identity is, my source IP, or where I am posting from. Ensuring the main trackers like Facebook / Google do not connect any browser activity to my main personal account(s. A sustainable way to compartmentalize different sections of my online activity. Note, I have no interest in hiding my activities from governments or the authorities - I don't really believe that this is realistically possible anyway these days. I purely want to have a free voice on the internet, free from implications in my personal life (doxing etc. I am also not very keen on using TOR (without a VPN anyway) as I dont want my ISP to see I am connecting to the TOR network. They would reasonably assume I am doing much more interesting things than trying to make anonymous posts on reddit. So reddit - please tell me what you think? Have I achieved what many people would deem reasonable privacy / security? Any suggestions / comments welcome. Looking forward to your responses.

How can i get the game? when does it come out. This is my process for setting up an anonymous sockpuppet account. Come up with a persona for the sockpuppet account. Use Fake Name Generator to create a person whom you feel fits your sockpuppet persona. Use This Person Does Not Exist to generate an image. Make sure you inspect the image closely and get one that doesn't have any obvious flaws, as they often do. It is worth picking up some Photoshop, GIMP, Affinity Photo or Designer, or other basic image manipulation skills to fix them and change the background of the image. Get a burner phone, completely wiped and fresh. Can be any brand that will accept a Mint Mobile SIM card. Get a burner credit card from to use for on Amazon and possible the Mint Mobile setup. They might need it to set up the account. Set up a burner Amazon account. We're only going to use it once. Buy two Mint Mobile SIM cards. You can find them various places online and in stores near you, but you can get two of them for 5 on Amazon. They also give you 1 week free trial with something like 100 text messages, which we're going to use. This gives you two cards for two sockpuppet accounts for only 5. I like to use Amazon to have the card sent to an Amazon pickup box, which can be anonymous. Get a VPN that you can set to the physical area in which you want your sockpuppet to "exist. Set up the Mint Mobile trial account somewhere away from your home; as far as you're willing to go. Use this Mint Mobile trial phone number to set up all of the websites you need. I recommend at least set up a Google account and Protonmail account. Both will come in handy at different times. Once you've set up all the accounts with your trial Mint SIM, set up 2FA on all of the accounts. After setting up 2FA on all of the accounts, change the phone number to one you have more permanent access to, such as MySudo or Google Voice. Make sure everything works! Destroy the SIM card. Wipe the phone. A lot of these websites are blocking MySudo, Google Voice, and other VoIP numbers. That's why we go through the Mint phone number first. They should be less stringent now. As always, feedback is welcome! This was originally posted on my blog where I also talk about the ethics of sockpuppet accounts.

Nice video. Comment number 300. It would be great to have Sims on the Switch. When I stated watching properidoits I thought you were to Zagan. This vir made of poooooo. (DAILY RECAT TM) 10/4 FRIDAY – not in chronological order] See list of prior Recats TM here. Visit us at the Hong Kong Protest Live Feed here. Recommended English translated article here, “Declaration of the Hong Kong Provisional Government. ” ALERT: Anti-Mask Law is now in effect. Twitter Threads Worth Reviewing Hong Kong Hermit Laurel Chor Xinqi Su Jessie Pang Potential New Rules / Laws Announced at 3pm on 10/4: Anti-Mask Law goes into effect at midnight on Saturday, 10/5. Pro-democracy activists Lester Shum and “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung applied for a temporary injunction arguing that the Law greatly infringes on the publics freedom of assembly and would tend to increase damage to private property. The motion was heard at 9pm Friday, 10/4, and DENIED ( see also HK Free Press article here. See below for more details of the press conference. NOTE: The Emergency Law was enacted in 1922 and last used in 1967. It allows the Chief Executive to bypass the legislature to “make any regulations whatsoever which he (or she) may consider desirable in the public interest. ” (CNN article here. Lawmaker Dennis Kwok filed a second motion for temporary injunction of the Anti-Mask Law, which was scheduled to be heard the night of Saturday, 10/5. The Declaration of Hong Kong ( here) enacted a provisional government to repeal the Emergency Ordinance and the Anti-Mask Law (LIHKG announcement here, English translation here, here. Adopted by all districts of HK, their residents read aloud the declaration ( see, e. g., Ma On Shan here. Carrie Lam officially announces that LegCo will return to session next Wednesday and withdraw the Extradition Bill. Press Conference on the Anti-Mask Law Carrie Lams announcement here (video) here, here, here (Xinqi Sus tweet thread. Carrie Lam stated: HK is not in a state of emergency, and invoking the Anti-Mask Law was “not an easy decision but its necessary. ” Encouraged schools to keep their students away from the violence. Will not step down. Could not discuss whether there will be an information embargo (i. e., shut down LIHKG and Telegram) but will make any other Emergency Ordinance decisions prudently. The Central Government did not make her do this. Education Bureau issued a letter to all schools emphasizing that the ban on masks extends to all public assemblies or marches, especially illegal assemblies. The Legislative Council will review the Anti-Mask Law on October 16 when it comes back into session, but with a pro-Beijing majority (by design) the Law is likely to pass scrutiny. Secretary for Security John Lee stated: Mask ban applies to rallies of over 50 people and marches over 30 people. Police officers can wear masks because they need protection and they can still be identified by the numbers on their helmets, warrant cards. Secretary of Justice Theresa Cheng stated: Mask ban does not infringe on the right to assemble because people can still assemble without wearing masks. Secretary of Finance Paul Lee stated: Will not impose foreign exchange control. Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Minister Patrick Nip stated: If the 11/24 elections are postponed, they will be postponed to 12/1. General Protests Before 3pm Announcement of Anti-Mask Law Emergency rally and march started at the IFC Mall and to SOGO in Causeway Bay (see tweet string here by Ryan Ho Kilpatrick, here, here, here. Government HQ was closed and surrounded by masked riot police as the march proceeded close by. Other impromptu rallies or marches at City Plaza at Tai Koo ( here) Time Square at Causeway Bay ( here) Central ( here, here) Exchange Square ( here. General Protests After 3pm Announcement of Anti-Mask Law Hongkongers react to what some of them describe as a “draconian” law by taking to the streets and other public places. See also Laurel Chors tweet thread ( here) Apple Daily livestream ( here. Eyewitness Hong Kong Hermit described the scene as follows: “The fact the chants have changed today from ‘Hongkongers, add oil to ‘Hongkongers, rise up gives these crowds a different tone. And its not even hardcore frontliners, its couples on date night, little aunties, schoolkids in uniforms handing out masks, dudes in suits. ” Central ( here, here, here featuring Doraemon, here and here at nighttime) YOHO mall student sit-in with masks ( here) New Town Plaza in Sha Tin ( here) Admiralty/Legco ( here, here) Mong Kok ( here, here) Wong Tai Sin ( here) Aberdeen ( here) Wan Chai ( here) Causeway Bay and near SOGO ( here, here, here, here, here) Other: Tsing Yi; Kwun Tong; Quarry Bay/Tai Koo; Chai Wan; Prince Edward; Tin Shui Wai; Tsim Sha Tsui; Ma On Shan; Tsuen Wan; Sham Shui Po; To Kwa Wan; Sai Wan; Whampoa; Tai Po; Yuen Long; Tung Chung. Lady Liberty was present and accounted for. (Citywide) Government, businesses, and institutions begin shutting down all over HK. Because the city transportation (MTR and buses) started to shut down soon after the 3pm announcement of the Anti-Mask Law, many people had difficulty getting home ( here, here. Businesses and institutions also began shutting down: here, race track here (infamously disproving or the second time in less than a month Deng Xiaopings statement that horse racing and dancing will continue after 1997) malls here. Protestor Activity and Status ( Yuen Long, live round shot to leg) Off duty police involved in scuffle with protestors (video here, here) leading to his firing a live round into crowd, hitting 14 year-old protestors leg (off duty policeman here, gun magazine dropped by policeman here, spent bullet jacket here. Apple Daily reports that the police officer used his car to bump a civilian, and was confronted by the crowd. When he got out of his car and engaged with the crowd, he shot the 14yo in the leg, prompting a bigger response from the crowd, including throwing a Molotov cocktail near him to push him back (Apple Daily article here. Boy was taken to the hospital and was in serious condition. Surgery conducted while riot police guarded the hospital. Police claimed that his life was under “serious threat” when he fired the shot (police statement here, here. Reuters article here. Police press conference summary points here (courtesy Xinqi Su. Wong Tai Sin, non-lethal shot to chest) Protestor shot in chest with non-lethal projectile ( here. Prior to this, police were seen firing teargas at body level in this area ( here. Sha Tin MTR) Protestor Molotoved an empty train ( here. Protestors helped family with child running fever to get to hospital via taxi ( here. Tai Koo) Protestor commandeered a bulldozer (caption translation: “I saw the shadow of a youngster, in Tai Koo. This youngster claimed onto a yellow bulldozer, looked up instructions on his mobile phone, then stole the bulldozer to go protest. ”. He made it at least to Sai Wan Ho police station, a distance of about 1 km. Roadblocks set up by ordinary citizens to block police (Yuen Long here, Central here and here. Ho Man Tin) Super-star Chow Yun Fat spotted in full-on protestor garb, helping an older fan take a selfie with him. Years ago, when he criticized the Chinese government and was asked whether he was worried that he would not be able to work in China, he famously replied, “Its ok, Ill just make less money. ” In anticipation of the government potentially shutting down the usual modes of online communication, protestors coordinated other modes of communication for re-connection as well as VPN, SIM locking, and other security measures ( here. Citizens made a run for supplies and cash ( here, here. Pro-CCP businesses vandalized (Bank of China here; Maxims Starbucks franchises here; Bestmart 360 and Yoshinoya here; China Life and China Construction Bank here, here; China Citic Bank here. NOTE: Bank of China (pro-CCP) destroyed but next door Fubon Bank (not pro-CCP) untouched. Bestmart 360 and Bank of China destroyed, but three jewelry stores (not pro-CCP) in between untouched. (Wong Tai Sin) Flooding the streets, which eventually would flood the MTR station ( here. Apple Daily reported that the police officer who leads the daily police press conferences, Officer Tse Chun-chung, sent his wife to the US to establish residency for a green card for permanent residency there. Mrs. Tse allegedly stays in the US for 4 months over the summer break in “immigration jail” (mandatory presence in country to establish residency) and has already obtained a “conditional green card. ” She has a brother who lives in the US. In the hope that they could help Officer Tse and his family be able to continue to reside in the Greater Bay Area of China where they can continue to serve the CCP, the protestors on LIHKG provided this information to Joshua Wong, who then relayed the information to his contacts in Washington, D. C. Solomon Yue, the Oregon Republican Party Committeeman tweeted that “they [the Tses] must pay for turning Hong Kong into a Chinese police state. ” Anti-Protestor Activity PLA sighted in military trucks traveling in Aberdeen Tunnel and Causeway Bay, and activity noticed in the PLA barracks. MTR stations all closed by 9:35 p. m., “almost like a curfew. ” MTR then announced that all lines, including MTR, Airport Express, and Light Rail would be closed on 10/5 (Saturday) prompting some citizens to dub it “ Empty R. ” MTR subsequently announced that all MTR services will be suspended indefinitely, partly because MTR engineers are unable to get to the damaged stations to restore service due to police running operations above ground. Three incidents of men attacking protestors with knives. First, a man in white shirt wielding long knife (blade looks like a real foot-long blade, not like the so-called 9” blade that was in actuality a 3. 5” butter knife from a school cafeteria for cutting mooncakes) threatened protestors who threw trash cans at him in defense (Sham Shui Po video. Second, another man wielding a knife attacked protestors who defended themselves. Third, another man (from Chengdo, China) attacked protestors with a knife and left behind his wallet. Police still using undercover cops (Yuen Long here. Police told a protestor, “Even if you have a mask on, you will die. ” (Tsim Sha Tsui) Police prop up black flag on black objects as permanent warning of teargas ( here. Press Conferences / Statements / Reactions Citizens Press Conference statement ( here, here, here. Amnesty International: Anti-Mask Ban “extreme attempt to quash protests. ” UN Human Rights Office: “Any restriction must have a basis in law and be proportionate and as least intrusive as possible. Freedom of peaceful assembly is a fundamental right and should be enjoyed without restriction to the greatest extent possible. ” Human Rights Watch: “The broad face mask ban seems aimed to discourage protests, not to serve a necessary law enforcement function. Hong Kong authorities should be upholding rights, not undermining them. ” New York Times article and comments on Anti-Mask Law. London flash mob against Anti-Mask Law. Hang Seng Index crashed on 10/4 after losing 500 points. (Source: Hong Kong Economic Journal. Analyst David Webb comments on the mask ban and the invocation of the Emergency Ordinance (translation from Guardians of Hong Kong) “Independent stock commentator David Webb said the anti-mask law may only be a beginning, which can be followed by internet restriction and lengthy detention, or even intervention from the People's Liberation Army or the Chinese Peoples Armed Police Force. ” (Excerpt here. President Trump told Xi Jinping that he would roll over on Hong Kong if they could make a trade deal ( here. Prime Minister of Malaysia says that Carrie Lam should step down. Chinas HK-Macao Affairs Office issues statement in China-run newspaper supporting the Anti-Mask Law. Arrests / Detentions / Releases Lawmakers Jeremy Tam and Au Nok-hin were arrested on the frontlines on 8/30. Tam will not be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. No word on Aus charge of assaulting police with a loud speaker (arresting officer claimed that the volume was too loud and his ears were assaulted. Passion Times journalist Ma Kai-chung followed the protestors into the Legco building on July 1 to film and report. He is now being prosecuted for taking part in storming the building. This has caused “extreme concern” for HKs largest press body, the HK Journalists Association, that police are allowed to obstruct the press from reporting on events.

Wait why was there poop on the floor. Sims Mobile Is my favorite game, thanks for the hack, I subscribe, tahnk you for sharing. My friend connected a phone cable in his computer and made a functional Android simulator and got a mobile sim card and connected it to a micro SD card and then used a VPN (wi-fi) to fake that he is in USA but he lives alone in France and now he can call his family in the us for free with a fake number plan from France using a system that gets free calls in the place where he "is" USA.

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